Vintage International celebrates excellence. Apart from exploring the world of black achievements, Vintage Magazine looks at the world of beauty, fashion, education, health, property, real life issues and other facets of social life.

We have a column known as ‘knowledge exchange’ in which a topical issue about African development is explored. The column seeks to throw up issues about the world of development and the reason why development has been a far cry on the African continent.

Vintage Magazine was envisioned as a dynamic business entity whose aim is to increase its market share in the burgeoning Media industry in Nigeria and the Diaspora. Vintage Magazine has in its editorial board, a crop of professional journalists and writers who have acquired skills and knowledge from various strata of the media both in Nigeria and the UK.

The production and management of the magazine is equally a result of the skills and experience of personnel who have been time-tested in the production of high quality magazines. In terms of production technology, Vintage Magazine is not behind times. It uses up-to-date quality paper and production techniques in producing the coloured glossy and alluring pages.

Vintage International circulates in Nigeria, the UK and the USA. We print thousands of copies every month.


Our Mission is to showcase achievements and excellence of individuals and organisations that have made remarkable impacts in the African community and the Diaspora. We will celebrate all achievers irrespective of their social status. 

We shall be a role model for media organisations with an African slant, by adhering to our guiding principles, building a global readership base and giving them value for money. In so doing, it is our goal to be relevant to our generation and to posterity.

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